Wesley grew up in Kansas and took an interest in music at an early age. After trying several different instruments, he finally settled on the electric bass shortly after his 13th birthday and followed with the upright bass a year later. Starting with rock and funk music (using them as avenue to hone his skills on the instruments) he later became fascinated by the improvisational aspect of jazz music. During his high school years, Wesley played in a variety of original and cover rock bands around the Wichita area. Upon graduating in the spring of 2004 he moved to Memphis, TN in order to work towards a Bachelor of Music degree with an emphasis on recording technology at the University of Memphis. He completed the program in 2008,  though he spent the bulk of his time improving his facility on the upright bass, studying under jazz bassist Tim Goodwin.  He currently resides outside of Chicago with his wife Angela  and works as a freelance musician and is pursuing a Master of Music degree in Jazz Studies at Northern Illinois University.

Wesley enjoys many different styles of music, and as a result has performed with a large number of groups spanning a variety of genres. He feels that as long as the music is written with passion, the labels attached to the music should not stifle his own will to support the artist’s work in the best way possible.

Musicians/bands Wesley has collaborated with: 

Surphace: 2001-2003 (original rock)

Betty Trap: 2001-2003 (original rock)

Lady and The Tramps: 2003-2004 (60’s-90’s rock and pop covers)

The Olde West: 2006-2010 (original rock)

Ken Weatherford: 2007-2010 (contemporary christian)

Gary Hardy: 2007-2008 (Sun Studio classics)

Noah Glenn and the Cloudspotters: 2005-2010 (original rock music)

Jimmy Harris: 2006-2011 (acoustic rock covers)

Mike Joyner: 2007 (singer songwriter)

Southern Comfort Jazz Orchestra: 2008 (big band)

Brandon Ticer: 2008 (singer songwriter)

NU Collective: 2008-2010 (modern Jazz)

Sanctuary Jazz Orchestra: 2010 (big band)

Southaven Community Theater: 2010 (Les Miserables)

Adrenaline: 2010-2013 (60’s-current rock, pop, blues and R&B covers)

Germantown Community Theatre: 2013 (Ruthless! The Musical)

Jazz musicians

Will Dougherty, JIm Spake,  Micah Lewis, Gerald Stephens, Gary Smulyan, Kevin Norton, Jack Cooper, Anthony Williams, Andre Acevado,  Othman Djuliarso, Brett Jackson, Joel Linscheid, Nathan Webb, Noah Hernandez, Anthony Williams, Joe Restivo, Earl Lowe, Alfonso Sanders, Chris ParkerSal Crocker, Jonathan Bass, Chip Henderson, Mike Assad, Logan Hanna,  Rene Koopman, Stephen Lee, Chris McBride, Marquis Hill, and Willerm Delisfort.